• Jahu tn 1a, Estonia

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  • Kaagvere kool, Estonia

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  • Scala, Sweden

    Apartment Building. Prefabricated elements modelling and detailing for Strängbetong

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Consolis Engineering Services (CES)

CONSOLIS is a European leading industrial group providing sustainable and smart precast concrete structures for the building and utilities sectors. We are specialized in the design and manufacture of high-performance precast concrete products. Consolis Engineering Services (CES) is providing engineering solutions for Consolis Group companies:

  • Highly skilled engineers within CES providing a talented pool of pre-cast specialist for Consolis group and external clients
  • Increased quality by insourcing design to entity-dedicated teams that understand local and international standards and ways-of-working
  • Increased efficiency by harmonizing design standards throughout Consolis and gathering best practices
  • Range of engineering services cover concept, pre-design, modelling, detailed design and workshop drawings.

CES is present in three countries: Estonia, Romania, Poland CES companies employs experienced designers who have a thorough knowledge of the design of high-performance precast concrete structures. CES engineers are continuously trained and developed to ensure engineering excellence is provided to all our projects across the group.